Tonya Hendley

Senior Executive Search Consultant

I have worked with Shawn on several occasions and she is amazing!  Shawn’s knowledge coupled with her ability to deliver exactly what she promises, is second to none. No matter what my block or current struggle is, I always feel like she understands and provides me with the tools and increased vibration to push through.

Diana Fusting

Owner, Greenspring Healing Arts

It’s always a pleasure to work with Shawn. I especially like the way she encourages women to redefine what success means as they explore their gifts and talents. Through her writings, talks, coaching, and leadership, Shawn gently leads women on their own journey of self-discovery.

Jen Granger


Shawn has helped me with clearly defining my goals and the action steps that I need to take to achieve them. One of her strengths is helping me create visualizations for my goals so that I see them as accomplished. It’s an amazing way to really take action and trust that everything will unfold as it should.

Jeanine Adair


I have known Shawn Ciociola for many years, so our background is a mix of personal and now working within a more formal group setting. Shawn is open and engaged with each member of the group. She attends well to not only what is being said, but also to what is not. She actively “sees” what is transpiring in the room and leads the group accordingly. She is sensitive and not intimidating, allowing a sense of safety for candid sharing. Her nonjudgmental leadership style encourages deeper levels of communication. She has done a remarkable job exposing us to visualization work. This has been particularly beneficial to our specific group. She has great skills for facilitating group work and has created a warm and supportive environment for all of us to move ahead in our personal journeys.

Lauren Fisher

Professional Speaker & Leadership Trainer

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt connected?  That's how I felt the first time I met Shawn. I felt at ease with her honest, caring, and compassionate nature. Shawn provided me with clear insights which lead me to discover my own answers. She has supported me through my blocks and provided me with successful strategies to break through the barriers. I have never felt more confidence and clarity about my life purpose and moving forward with it. Our partnership continues and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Carol Stover

Professional Makeup Artist, Stylist, Speaker/Educator, Author

Shawn is an amazing listener who creates a safe and caring space for you to explore your internal questions.  Always gentle and uplifting in her coaching style, she brings you step by step into a clearer understanding, and you always feel heard and acknowledged when in conversation with her.  Shawn is also an inspired speaker and group leader, who is willing to share her own experiences and be vulnerable herself as she guides a group through a spirited and frank discussion.  She puts her heart and soul into her work. Shawn “keeps it real”!